NEMINI TENERI is the principle that has always united all the citizens of San Marino, namely “not depending on anyone“.

Today we can’t find a better name for representing the essence of “being a real citizens of San Marino”, which is perpetrated from 301 AD to date, and the independence from a conflict of interest that could pollute or in any case condition the relationship of an asset management company with its Customers.


Gain the trust of our Customers by supporting the creation of their projects, generating value and local development.


To be the reference point in independent financial consultancy for professionalism, innovation, and sustainability.


Independent consultancy is the timely response to a problem which is already a priority: defending and, where possible, enhancing their own assets. The solution can only go through a solid relationship of trust with those who, through an advanced consultancy service, are able to provide, or in any case propose the tools useful for achieving the objective.


Nemini Teneri Capital SG S.p.A. was created with the clear and ambitious goal of becoming the focal point of the independent consultancy, on its reference market, aimed at families, businesses and institutions

In line with this goal, in order to give an answer to the primary requirement of diversifying our investment strategy, NT Capital SG has structured itself in such a way as to be able to provide access to all financial investment instruments and to all markets, making use of the collaboration of more qualified counterparts, also through formal partnership relationships.

The role that Nemini Teneri Capital SG intends to play is central in the ecosystem of San Marino, this also includes financing the creation and development of a new economy, in particular the innovative and technologically advanced one, with particular attention to the promotion of "sustainable" investments, i.e. that integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.